1: Gary’s Missing Time

In this episode, I am talking to Gary from Brainard, MN. Gary is a retired truck driver who is looking for some answers. His story reminds me of UFO’s...

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2: Lisa’s Haunted House

In this episode, Lisa shares her hauntings that took place in a home in St. Cloud, MN. Does the typical nonbelieving husband become a believer in ghosts? Is it...

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3: Shelby’s Demonic Cleansing

We have all seen the movies about demonic possessions and evil spirits trying to take over young vulnerable girls. No one dreams about that happening to them. No one...

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4: Kalee’s Haunted Duplex

Kalee has items come up missing and items moved in her duplex owned by her grandparents. Is it the evil spirits brought in by the upside-down cross, or is...

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5: Jer’s Haunted Car Ride

In this episode, I talk about one of my personal experiences that took place during a car ride heading back home from a friend’s house. This car ride happened...

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