In this episode, I talk about one of my personal experiences that took place during a car ride heading back home from a friend’s house. This car ride happened after a taunting visit to a haunted covered bridge in Stowe Vermont.

You can find more about the bridge at https://www.emilysbridge.com/

If you have a suspected haunting that you would like investigated my team can help you out with that. Go to https://paranormalseekersmn.com/ for more info.

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Jeramiah Pearce
Hello and welcome to Minnesota ghost stories podcast. My name is Jeramiah Pearce and I’ll be your host.
Do you like sitting around talking about ghost stories? UFOs, unexplained things with your friends. That’s what this podcast is about real stories told by real people.

I would like to take a moment to tell you about one of my personal paranormal experiences. When I was 17, I was invited along with a friend, her parents and some of my friends, friends to go to this haunted bridge. So I went along to this bridge. It’s called Emily’s bridge. We were there hanging out for a while waiting for something to happen. It’s like, eleven, midnight, one o’clock at night. It was late. We didn’t see anything. We didn’t see any mist. No fog, no apparitions, we didn’t hear any noises or anything of the sort. Nothing paranormal.

I didn’t get along all that well with these friends. I didn’t know anybody. I wasn’t fitting in. To get these people to like me, I was thinking, Oh, you know if I’m cool, you know, they’ll like me. So I started taunting this, Emily saying, Emily, you don’t exist. I don’t believe you. You’re fake. Blah, blah, blah, you know, all this taunting stuff to get a reaction. Nothing happened. We get back in the vehicle and we drive back to their house. On the way they’re like, hey, let’s go to the cemetery and go to this haunted gravestone. I didn’t want to because it was late already, you know? 1, 2, 3 a.m., you know, whatever it was late in the morning and I had to get back home. I had a 45-minute drive from their house to get back home. It’s late at night, dark, and I just wanted to go. We get to their house, and we go our separate ways. They all go to this haunted gravestone, and I go home.

I’m in my mom’s car. Mechanically sound, it’s newer. My car was a crappy piece of junk, whatever. So I’m driving home and I have to make a turn on to a different road. I’m slowing down. I’m going to make this turn and then my power steering goes out. I make the corner or the curve or wherever you want to call it. Then the power steering comes back on. That was kind of weird. I didn’t think too much of it. But then I’m continuing to drive along and the glove box pops open. Now, I’ve experienced that before in these older cars, but not so much in these newer cars. So I reached over and closed the glove box. Continuing the drive, there is a section of the road that we call the S curves. It’s a slow part of the road, you have to slow down below the speed limit to make the curve. At this section of the road you are doing 50, 55, 60mph and if you’re like me, you’re probably going way more when I’m 17 years old. I approached this S curve. On one side of the S curve, in my case on the left side of the road is a rock wall ledge. On the right side is a bank with a drop off into a brook. People have died going through these S curves by driving off into the ditch or down the bank and into the river or brook or whatever. So, I’m approaching these S curves and I need to slow down, I hit the brakes to slow down and the power brakes go out. I’m kind of freaking out because I’m approaching this rock ledge wall. I’m pumping my brakes, slowing down and then the power brakes come back on and I’m able to slow down enough to make the curves in time. Now for the rest of the ride. Nothing happened to me. But as soon as that happened, I started apologizing to Emily.

I was like, Emily, I’m sorry, Emily, you’re real. I believe in you. Leave me alone. I’m sorry. I get it. I’m scared. You know, leave me alone. So like I said nothing happened the rest of the way home. The power brakes and the power steering go out, along with the glovebox popping open. It freaked me out but I can’t explain it.

The question I always ask myself is what caused the power brakes and power steering to go out? The answer is that I don’t know. It’s a newer car, it’s mechanically sound and nothing had happened like that before or after this instance. Could it have just been air in the lines? Low power steering fluid? I don’t know, but it happened. The glove box popping open, as I said, I’ve seen that happen before in those older cars, especially our cars. We have Lot of maps and papers and just stuff stuffed into the glove box. So those popping open happen here and there. Maybe not all of the time but it happened. So I can explain the glove box popping open. But with the power steering, power brakes, and the glove box popping open all in conjunction, its too much of a coincidence. So, to me, that was too much of a coincidence to not be something because I can’t explain all three of those things happening on the same 45-minute ride home. It probably happened within a half-hour of each other, maybe 20 minutes of each other. It didn’t seem random enough, it seems too coincidental. Then you ask why me? That answer goes back to the taunting of the spirit. If you want a reaction out of a spirit, taunting is a good way. Not the best way, but it generally makes something happen because nobody likes to be taunted. Nobody likes to be made fun of. The same with the spirits. Spirits are people too. They don’t want to be taunted. They get angry.

If you were to go to emilysbridge.com. I believe that’s the website. You are going to find a story about Emily and the bridge. The bridge is called Gold Brook bridge, I believe and they are going to tell you that Emily does not exist. There is no recorded history of Emily committing suicide. But when people go to this bridge, they end up seeing apparitions, they end up seeing mist or fog. When you’re parked on the bridge you’ll hear footsteps on the bridge, you will hear something scratching your car. All sorts of paranormal things happen on this bridge or at least have been reported, but apparently, she doesn’t exist. I don’t know what’s going on there because I can’t explain it. You know, she was supposed to meet her boyfriend. They were supposed to go off and elope but he doesn’t show up so she hangs herself on this bridge. This didn’t happen but what is causing that paranormal activity to happen? Something happened to me on the way home that I can’t explain after taunting, quote, unquote, Emily. They might say that this didn’t happen. But something happened because something is haunting that bridge. Something happened to me and other people are reporting instances. You’ll have to take that on your own. I will post pictures of the bridge and the S curves taken from Google Maps on the website in the episode notes, mnghoststories.com. Take a look at those. Let’s hear some comments. Let’s hear some feedback. If you have any questions for me, leave those in the comments and I will try to respond or email me and I will try to respond to those. That goes for any questions or comments you have about any of the stories heard. Feel free to reach out to us and we will get those questions sent to the individuals and see if we can get those answered. But that’s my story. Hopefully, you found it interesting enough.

If you have any stories that you’d like to tell, no matter how you feel about them, please do so. If you type up your story, I can read the story for you if you don’t want to be recorded. When we record your story, it is just a phone call into me. You tell me your story and I ask questions. There’s nothing to be shy about or anything because you’re just talking on a phone to me. Like I said, if you have any questions, reach out and ask because I will answer them for you. Thank you.

I would like to thank Today’s guests for sharing their story with us and you the listener, well for listening. If you would like to continue to support this podcast please subscribe on your favorite podcast app. You may also follow us on our social media profiles on Facebook at Minnesota Ghost Stories on Instagram and Twitter @mnghoststories or our website, mnghoststories.com. I would also like to mention that we do paranormal investigations. For more information, you may go to paranormalseekersmn.com and once again, thank you for listening

Emily's Bridge
S Curves

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